Gor: a place mostly dominated by Men and also a place where women step very carefully or else suffer the consequences. Gor is a place where the test is given before the lesson, and T/those that fail are immediately exterminated from it. You had just stepped foot into an area where most disagreements are settled by steel and blood, and where honor ranks high on the list of E/everyone, no matter if O/one is slave or Free. These scrolls are here to help Y/you learn from Me what it means to be Gorean. I had also added some links to Gor chat sites and information as well as inserted My own biography, so Y/you will know and understand of a Klingon residing on Gor. I wish Y/you well as Y/you search these hollowed scrolls for help and aid in Y/your search for knowledge. Remember that once Y/you start learning, it never ceases.

Gorean links
Gorean Message Boards
Weapons used on Gor
All Y/you need to know about the Gorean Raids.
All Y/you need to know about fighting one-on-one (sparring)
My view on the ongoing "True Gor vs. False Gor" debate
All Y/you need to know about the leadership of a certain place
The various living facilities in places on Gor
Free Companionships on Gor
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